Lens Technology

Non-Glare Lenses

This technology allows the maximum amount of light to enter the eyes, providing the clearest and sharpest vision. Lenses look polished and professional. Non-glare lenses are especially effective in relieving eyestrain associated with computer use and reducing the glare of headlights and streetlights, increasing safety while driving at night.

Crizal Premium Non-Glare Lenses

Crizal® Non-Glare Lenses have all the advantages of non-glare lenses with the added benefit of being built into the lens. This allows for superior scratch-resistance and ease of cleaning, lengthening the life of the lens.

Transitions Lenses

These lenses are clear indoors and get dark in direct sunlight. Transitions® lenses provide complete protection from the damaging ultra-violet rays and are perfect for active lifestyles and children.

Thin, Lightweight Lenses

These offer comfort and cosmetic appeal for moderate to high prescriptions. Polycarbonate lenses have the added benefit of impact resistance which makes these lenses the ideal solution for children and anyone that needs protective eyewear. Polarized Lenses reduce glare outdoors, providing for comfortable sun protection and clear vision while driving or playing sports.

Polarized Lenses

Great for fishing and water sports and are highly effective in reducing daytime glare.

Varilux Premium Progessive Lenses

Made with the latest technological advances in no-line bifocal lens design and digitally enhanced with W.A.V.E. Technology™ using high-powered lasers, these custom-made premium lenses feature the sharpest progressive vision available. Varilux® Premium Progressive Lenses offer the minimum amount of unwanted distortion to correct vision at near, far, and everywhere in between to provide the most natural vision.

Definity & Definity Short Premium Progessive Lenses

These custom-made premium lenses feature the widest fields of vision available to correct vision at near, far, and everywhere in between, providing the minimum amount of unwanted distortion. They are also made with latest digital surfacing technology. The Definity® line of lenses are a great option for presbyopes who spend long hours on the computer, golfers, or appreciate a wider field of near vision.